Data Networking Solutions

Onas Media Systems is a full-service telecommunications and network solutions provider; including computers, networks, and phone systems. The communications industry has seen a convergence of voice, data, video, and text over the past few years. One solution is not the answer for all businesses. We will custom design your solution, provide timely installation, and offer complete maintenance, service, and ongoing support.

Onas Media Systems has been designing, deploying, and maintaining high functioning networks for over 10 years and our services includes;
– Routing & Switching
– Engineering & Design
– IT Management
– Network Monitoring
– Service Desk Support
– Service Level Support
– Commercial and Industrial Ethernet Switching
– Wired and wireless network extension
– Commercial and industrial media conversion for copper, fiber, and coax
– Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions
– 3G/4G connectivity for primary, back-up, and temporary networks
– Multi-site WAN encryption for data security

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